Another THREE weeks of the #Barragapyear; where do I start?

I don’t think I could have crammed any more adventures into the last three weeks if I tried. It has been a whirlwind of work - our first Barra wedding, hordes of visitors, heather burning, broken ferries and not forgetting Barra’s new born lambs!

“Jackson stop, stop the car, there’s another lamb I need to photograph, there’s one on the hillside, there’s one sleeping on the road, there’s one resting its head resting on a rock - yes STOP the car again!”

Wee lambikins overload! but more about them later. It has been bitterly cold brought to us by the northerly winds, there was glorious blue skies right enough so it didn’t stop us going out but the wood burner has been on most nights.


Now I have mentioned before about our ferry The Isle of Lewis and she has been up to her old tricks again, firstly we have had a few wild days where the winds were over 50mph which meant she didn’t sail. then she got a rope tangled up in her rudder, finally she sprung a leak and had water in the car deck. This meant that we never knew whether or not our guests were arriving or not!! Fortunately the Whites came down from Stornaway and managed to continue their Barra holiday which was cut short last October. They did however have an extra day staying with us due to ‘ferry’ issues! Their bonus day was glorious…

Elise, Emma and Fabienne on Vatersay

Elise, Emma and Fabienne on Vatersay

Emma was over for a flying visit to help us film our first Barra wedding video, we were so honoured to be asked to film John Lawrence and Cheryl’s wedding, and what a wonderful highland wedding it was! We were treated like guests and thoroughly enjoyed our day. Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs MacNeill xxx


The wedding took place at Our Lady, Star of the Sea Church followed by the reception in Castlebay Hall, a huge community affair with everyone helping out to decorate the hall and church. We just loved being part of it. Check out the church, one of the best location for a wedding we have filmed at….


Emma and I had a great time with quality Mummy and daughter time and I even persuaded her to go for a wee paddle in the Hebridean Sea! She is my very own mermaid xx


In no time at all it was time for Emma to leave and I really miss her. Emma now has a 10 year plan in place to move over to join us on Barra, how perfect would that be? Woosh and she’s Away…..

Other news, once again the heather was set alight in the middle of the island and this was causing concern as the winds picked up. Jackson of course was fasinated, as to be honest, I think he is an arsonist at heart. So we headed out to watch the flames flickering and reflected in the lochs.


From our back door it was beautiful to see Ben Heavel with a pink glow behind it as the heat of the flames could be seen in the distance. Jackson took this picture and I think it is really beautiful.


Another visitor was Ross who was returning for his second visit to The Rock, this time he experienced the chill and force of our winds! Whilst out on the hills on Vatersay we could hardly stand upright, also it was change to see waves on my lovely beaches as the waters there are generally calm with only the gentlest of ripples. There a good show of white froth!


Having a great fun working at the Garadh and last week I was promoted!! I was allowed in the kitchen as as many will know that’s not a place you find me very often. In fact when Jackson arrived for his lunch he burst out laughing when he saw me in my whites and cap. Soup dragon for the day. What a great team we made!

Joan, Audrey, Me, Jamie and the boss Peigi…..#Dreamteam

Joan, Audrey, Me, Jamie and the boss Peigi…..#Dreamteam

Last night after an 10 hour shift editing Jackson and I headed out to look at the sea mist that had descended on Castlebay and we sat on the east side waiting on the ferry arriving. We were delighted to catch a quick glimpse of an otter just in front of us as we heard the loud blasts of horn of the Isle of Lewis as she warned us she was making her way through the mist to the harbour. It was like a ghost ship arriving….


Another thing that caught my eye whilst sitting on the rocks watching and waiting was the colours of the seaweed in front of us. With the strange light it just seemed to enhance the colours….


Our final visitors of the past 3 weeks was my friend Andy, my licensed drone operator for aerial film shots, arrvied with his family. Several days late due to the pesky ferry breakdown but they were so lucky with the weather! A win win to be honest., Andy got to see Barra at its finest and I got some lovely aerial footage of Barra beaches!


Andy brought over his chunky electric bike and they also hired another one from Tony of Barra Bike Hire for the rest of the gang. They had a couple of great days touring the islands and took to the hills with ease!


Now to the wee lambs, we have an abundance of twins, many triplets and apparently we have two sets of quadruplets! C’Mon the Barra lambs!! Been looking forward to their arrivals and they didn’t disappoint. Absolutely love the black Hebridean lambs, well done to Helen on Vatersay, her very first year with the herd and she’s the proud owner of 13 wee cute black lambs.

No wave films this time but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the lambs instead!

We did have one glorious evening and Jackson and I got the picnic packed including the chilled wine. We sat for ages watching the gentle ripples and the colours of the water. The dug, Jackson’s slippers on, a unicorn blanket, what more do you need, totally priceless! x


A few more pictures of rust, primroses, sea glass and some sand shifting on beaches! All just part and parcel of living on #Barradise.


Thanks for reading everyone, there’s not many more Blogs left for my Gap year so enjoy the final batch of ramblings. Luv from the Fraters xx

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