There's a Chilly Wind blowing through....

Oofft it is chilly, thank goodness for the Gulf Stream, as it could be a lot worse as Jackson reminded me that in Canada last week he had temperatures of -25oC. There’s definitely not enough layers for that kinda weather! This week has been the coldest yet for the #Barragapyear team and the next couple of days will be even colder if the forcasts are to be believed. It hasn’t stopped us from getting out and about, Jackson arrived back on Saturday and on Sunday we wrapped up well to enjoy the stunning beach at Eoligarry. It was certainly chilly and breezy and we even had ripples of waves on this beach as it was a Northerly wind. Generally we would normally have Southerly winds prevailing on Barra and as the afternoon progressed it fairly picked up. I did however manage to capture a few calm seascapes early on.

Traigh Scurabhal

Traigh Scurabhal

Every direction takes your breath away!

Every direction takes your breath away!

Now I often talk about shape shifting and this beach was intriguing as every shell, stone and piece of seaweed created a pinnacle sandscape because of the different wind direction catching on everything low lying on it. Thai spent most of the time flattening them by rolling everywhere, it took several attempts to take a photograph without her in shot!


Earlier in the week, looking out towards Tangasdale beside the Isle of Barra Beach Hotel, Thai and I walked along the rocks and were once again mesmerised by the crashing waves (although the dug gets fed up quickly when sitting about). I have to keep checking myself not go too near to the edge as it only would take one rogue wave to wash me away.!! It is difficult because I get hypnotised by the force and colours!


It was lovely to see a slight dusting of snow on the hills on Beinn Tangabhal and of course our hilly neighbour Beinn Heaval. It didn’t stay around long though and by the afternoon it was gone.

View from the Kitchen Window

View from the Kitchen Window

It is always great to have big fluffy clouds for your reflection shots and they were in beautiful abundance this week. So much so that my mobile phone batttery run out twice whilst out taking photographs. Partly down to the low temperatures but also with the photographs taken and Slo Mo video.


Now to recap on all of the above, I’m rather pleased with this video incorporating waves, sand storms and of course Thai the Jack Russell …..all in a variety of film speeds!

You will be glad to know that we will have a new selection of music for our films starting from next week, huge thanks to my friend Texan Meredith McCrindle, Rock and Classical Harp Player. Downloading them now!! Here’s a wee taster of one of my daughter’s music videos of Meredith playing two contrasting harps, Bat an Eye Productions rocking with pole dancers (you have been warned) and beautifful harp player.

It has been hard 19 days without Jackson, both Thai and I have really missed his company and we’re really glad to have him back on the Rock. It will however only be until Wednesday when he’ll be heading back to film 4 different projects in Ayrshire with Emma for Prancing Jack Productions. Long enough to enjoy celebrating our 33rd belated wedding anniversary. Thanks to Robbie and Alison for the Mumm’s champagne! It didn’t last long.


Another event Jackson also missed out on was the Burns Supper in Northbay Hall and the rumour got out that maybe I might be willing to stand up and make a toast!! Well never one to refuse a chance to try and entertain, well what would be the point of spending four years on an acting course! So after meeting up with Cllr Donlad Manford to get a rough idea of what he intended mentioning in his Toast to Lassies speech, I sat down to write a poem in reply!


Well done and thanks to everyone involved, it was a great wee night. After the meal and toasts we were given our song sheets for a Burns themed sing along with Cllr Donald Manford leading us off…… If there’s something I’ve learnt in my six months living on Barra, we all love a community sing-song and a raffle!

Here’s my Reply to the Toast to the Lassies. Thanks to Audrey (nae pressure) for filming this on my phone, much appreciated!

On the topic of men I’m going to try to be kind
Against my better judgement so bear that in mind
So tonight folks try to imagine //if you can
Burns turned oot tae be// a Barra man

As you know Rabbie enjoyed a wee dram or two
So I think he’d had fitted in with Barra’s motely crew
In Castlebay he’d sit bousing at the nappy
Getting fou and unca happy
So for every Souter Johnnie
There’s always a lassie bonnie
For every horse that can canter
There’ll be a Tam O Shanter

So for that very reason // I now have to confess
Burns living on Barra would caused him much stress
Very little poetry would’ve been written, I feel
He’d be trying to find words that rhyme with MacNeill

So the next night out will be once again in Northbay Hall as we welcome Lesley Riddoch to talk about and show two of her Nation films: Faroes & Norway. It will be good to have Irene Walker back on Barra, both of us are looking forward to seeing the films and catching up with Lesley. My poster designing skills put to the test!


There is no doubt our wee Jackson Russell, Thai is a Daddy’s girl and for the past few days she has stuck to him like velcro. Let’s not break the news to her that he’s leaving her again on Wednesday!


Thanks again to everyone for reading, sharing and for the first time you will actually be able to leave a comment direct on the Blog!! I’ve just worked out how to do this…….Every day is a school day as they say.

“Nothing soothes the Soul like a Walk on the Beach”

“Nothing soothes the Soul like a Walk on the Beach”

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