Our First Barra Christmas Eve.....A Year Ago who would have Known!!

With 17 shorts films and full length film edited for South Ayrshire Council (Tam Trail), a Vox Box completed for East Ayrshire Council’s Big Sing! Days and now that I’m feeling better it has been great to be out and about filming on Barra. Of course there was secret knitting project (you’ll hear about that adventure in my next Blog)!! It is really hard to believe it is the end of December and the weather has suddenly turned mild and o so calm!! In fact the seas have been like beautiful mill ponds….

View from the Roadside

View from the Roadside

Vatersay Causeway

Vatersay Causeway

So with calm weather we get no waves to film or photograph so in between the rain showers and editing it has been magical to get out and enjoy the the gentle ripples of the water. Now my project for the week was to capture water but not waves so here’s what we got up to….


So I have been hanging over rocks, sinking in wet sand and climbing through jaggy brambles bushes to capture the movement of water travelling through the island, whether that is rivers running towards the sea or ones flowing through ruins. All footage taken on my mobile phone!


Most of the shots were of gentle river ripples but also some lovely small waterfalls which allowed me the chance to work with the Slo Mo on my camera phone. Balancing the phone on rocks was a challenge, so I carried a selection of wee stones to create a level survace.

I think it works well in this short film edited to a classical piano track called “Deep Water”.

Now this week I have certainaly got up close and personal with sand as I’ve slipped and lost my balance a few times ending up with wet knees and elbows. But the sand is fascinating and every beach the sand is different, some so soft and smooth whereas others are coarse and full of tiny little colourful shells. So while I’m filming water ripples Jackson has been photographing sand!!


Jackson is one happy man here on Barra, he is enjoying his badminton, his photography and thanks to Aamzon he is now set up and enjoying his fly tying pastime! What can I say , it is a man thing….


To be honest I can’t really say much as I’ve my shell and stone collection and now a considerable sea glass collection which Jackson has also got addicted to! So we have been filling up bottles with our collections and this past week has seen a wonderful hawl of colourful glass.


This week we also popped into Castlebay School to watch their Christmas show. it was lovely to see the Primary School performing five short theatre pieces which told the Christmas Story. As winners of the 2018 Winter Show Competition, these peices were planned and produced through a funding package which was sponsored by The Scottish Salmon Company and supported by The Nataion Theatre of Scotland. The different acts were performed in either Gaelic or English which fortuantely for Jackson & I we had a rough idea of the story because we definitely hadn’t a clue when it came to understanding the Gaelic.


Now you will all be glad to know that Thai is fully recovered and continues to still hate the rain. This week we were caught in a heavy shower and once I got myself into Jackson’s waterproof poncho Thai was up in my arms without having to ask her twice. She was just quite happy to ride the shower out in my arms and she’s a heavy wee dug after 20 mintues!

thanks Daddy for your poncho

thanks Daddy for your poncho

With my art classes now finished it was lovely to see that we goot a wee mention in the Lews News (Highland and Island University/Lews Campus) and a few of my photographs credited too

Newsletter Dec 2018-2.jpg

Flora and fauna still amaze both of us and when you have plenty of time to take it all in, it quite wonderful the colours you spot even in winter.

I need to mention the other spotting we did on the way to the Co-op this morning. We just has to pull over to watch the Golden Eagle hovering close to the town centre, it certainly makes life interesting that’s for sure… no picture of course but you’ll just have to take our work for it.


As mentioned earlier Jackson was photographing water and I was filming, so here’s one of my favourites from his collection today.


So after filming every rock and waterfall I turned my attention to the only available talent to film, Thai the dug! It is like taking a teenager out on our walks some days, she just gets in a huff with all the standing about plus the fact she has to keep crossing back and forward the freezing cold burn to get atttention from us. Didn’t make for a particularly happy Barra dug today!


So we played around with Slo Mo today and here’s a wee edit of the selection of short clips I eventually got Thai to perform for. As you can see she is looking great and jumping about like a young thing.

So all that’s left is to wish all our friends and family both here, on the mainland and abroad a lovely festive season and arra’ very best for 2019! Fae Fraters oan Barra xxxx

Eileen Frater